Client Story

Good to Great

A credit card company wanted to take its sales team to the next level.

The Challenge

Keeping sales in synch with a changing market

With the payments industry entering a new regulatory and competitive landscape, a major provider wanted to enhance the performance of its sales department, hoping customers would come to regard its team members as trusted consultants. That meant making the most of the teams' existing skills and experience, while also equipping them to cross-sell to other business units.

Our solution

Practice makes perfect

After conducting extensive interviews at all levels of the company, we developed a new sales methodology for the company. Then we developed an intensive and interactive four-day course that made heavy use of role playing. The sessions were designed to introduce the sales professionals to the new methodology by placing each into realistic situations where they'd learn to put the new approach into practice. We also developed a two-day program aimed at managers, so they would be able to carry on the training with current and future hires.

The Results

A new methodology, and new customers

Sales people learned a number of tools and techniques to better their performance. For example, before going to see a prospective customer, they were taught to meet and develop a detailed plan to map out the approach they will take. The department also experienced important cultural changes, for example with managers doing more coaching of their front-line employees. The effort bore fruit right away. Within a few weeks, the teams were able to beat out competitors to land a number of new multi-million dollar accounts.

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