Client Story

Business Gets Social

A national healthcare provider keeps up with the industry's sweeping changes.

The Challenge

Adapting people and systems to a transformed marketplace

The U.S. healthcare industry is in the middle of a revolutionary transition. A major health insurance provider needed a way to arm its staff with the right knowledge to keep up, and give its team members a fun and engaging place to share new information and experiences with their fellow co-workers. Compounding the difficulty of the project was the fact that the employees were spread out across multiple time zones, used seven different systems to communicate, and had limited time and attention on account of numerous other company initiatives occurring simultaneously.

Our Solution

Find the key influencers, and then build on their knowledge

We mined the company's bulletin boards and chat systems to find the employees who appeared to have the most influence with their co-workers, and then brought them together. They helped brainstorm new ways of working together; ideas that became the basis for a new employee-centric learning and collaboration environment that bridged the company's generational and regional gaps. A detailed "social collaboration matrix" was created, and is now the holy grail for inter-company collaboration.

The IT system was also revamped, creating a single interface personalized to the individual user. Gamification is used to reward and recognize contributors, and "social sentiment" features were rolled out to replace the former practice of surveys and interviews. A crucial part of the new system was a suite of dashboards that gives employees and managers alike access to real-time information about important business metrics.

The Results

Under budget and above expectations

The surveys of employee engagement and satisfaction with the new system averaged 4.7 out of 5, with enthusiastic comments coming in from all corners of the company. The initial decision to recruit key influencers had a major impact, as it made collaborators out of employees who might otherwise have been program critics. Most tellingly, the project wrapped up two weeks ahead of schedule, and 10% under budget.



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