Kenneth Tuchman

Kenneth D. Tuchman is a pioneer in modern business process outsourcing practices. He founded TeleTech in 1982 and has built the company into a leading authority on complex relationship management.

TeleTech was the first firm to depart from the traditional model of the teleservices industry to focus on the more expansive concept of strategy and execution across the entire customer life cycle.

Tuchman's unique understanding and perspective on the importance of the customer as a strategic asset fuels TeleTech's culture of innovation and commitment to excellence. Ultimately, this revolutionizes the industry through the development of progressive front- to back-office products and services that truly maximize customer interactions.

Tuchman is TeleTech's chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer.  Today, TeleTech is a leading global provider of relationship life cycle and business process services, and continues as the foremost innovator in the business process outsourcing industry.