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Below is some of our best customer experience thought leadership, created by our very own gurus and front-line practitioners. To learn more about the insights that are helping our Sofi¬a team inspire customer experience excellence across the globe, visit our full thought leadership library here.

eBook: Blast Off to the Future of Customer Engagement

Research shows that 87 percent of customers think brands need to work harder to create a seamless customer experience. So, what can brands do when the old ways of doing business clearly aren’t enough to keep customers satisfied and spending? In this e-Book, learn how the latest customer engagement trends can help guide the future of contact centers, business operations, and the overall customer experience.

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White Paper: Break Down the Contact Center Wall

Customers expect their banks to know them, solve their problems, and be proactive as a trusted advisor. At the same time, banks constantly grapple with the need to run efficient operations and keep costs down. One way that retail banks can provide better banking customer experience services while maintaining operational efficiency is by implementing a home associate staffing solution. In this white paper, discover four benefits of using at-home associates in retail banking.

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Infographic: Harnessing the Power of Customer Service

In today’s interconnected and hyper-social world, customers have little patience for poor customer service. Companies are under pressure to meet customer expectations for optimal service. As business leaders assess their customer strategies, here’s a snapshot look at why savvy companies are investing in customer service and support as a key differentiator.

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White Paper: How to Build a Better Boat: Steering Your Vessel Toward Service Innovation

In a rapidly changing world, virtually every company recognizes the powerful voices of its customers and strives for improved customer experiences to promote the brand. However, many find it difficult to move away from a traditional, transactional cost-driven approach to a long-term investment enablement approach that focuses on building customer relationships. This white paper uncovers six steps business leaders can take to make the transition from service improvement to service innovation.

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