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Social Customer Care: What Customers Expect

Everyone is talking about serving customers through social media networks, but adding new service channels and managing cross-channel communications can be challenging for companies in any industry. What do customers across each industry really expect when it comes to social media networks? TeleTech studied customer expectations. These infographics explain the results.

Automotive Customer Expectations

Social Customer Care: What Auto Customers Expect

Financial Customer Expectations

Social Customer Care: What Financial Customers Expect



Healthcare Customer Expectations

 Social Customer Care: What Healthcare Customers Expect

Telecom Customer Expectations

Social Customer Care: What Telecommunications Customers Expect


We’re all guilty of it… ranting on social media sites about the awful service experience you just had with XYZ company. But, when you send your nastygram out into the social stratosphere and get that split second of revengeful satisfaction, what do you expect? Do you expect a response from the company? Do you expect resolution or even compensation?   

TeleTech and Peppers & Rogers Group performed an in-depth study of customers in the automotive, financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications industries to get answers to these questions. The results might surprise you.

After expressing feedback to providers via social media networks, most customers expect nothing at all. And, that fact applies across the industries.

  • 70 percent of automotive customers expect nothing
  • 69 percent of healthcare customers expect nothing
  • 63 percent of telecom customers expect nothing
  • 62 percent of financial customers expect nothing

How many people expect an immediate response?

  • 28 percent of financial customers expect an immediate response
  • 24 percent of telecom customers expect an immediate response
  • 19 percent of healthcare customers expect an immediate response
  • 16 percent of automotive customers expect an immediate response

According to our study, customer demands for social service aren’t as elevated as others claim, but that doesn’t mean customer experience professionals and service leaders can ignore these facts. Things change quickly these days. While business leaders may not be under immediate pressure to implement social customer care, it undoubtedly will someday be the standard. And, today this area is ripe for exceeding customer expectations. Anyone looking to differentiate their brand on customer experience should take note. Think about it this way:

  • 62-70% of customers expect nothing after expressing feedback on social media—so blow their socks off with a response!

But, how do service leaders roll out social customer care without all the headaches? Customer experience management partners offer integrated social care solutions. The best social customer care providers will offer:

  • Multichannel services that easily move customer concerns from social media to other communication channels and even to self-service portals
  • Systems that automatically place brand detractors into marketing touch plans and further mobilize brand promoters on additional social networks
  • Net Promoter®-certified professionals and trained customer experience experts to handle your social customer service

See the full versions of the infographics above

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