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Below are some of our best customer experience thought leadership articles created by our very own gurus and front-line practitioners. To learn more about the insights that are helping our Australia teams inspire customer experience excellence across the globe, visit our full thought leadership library here.

Article: Pardon the Disruption

The thirst for news and information has never been stronger, with many consumers always on and accessible via pervasive Internet access and smart devices. It’s an exciting time for media companies to explore new ways to report and deliver content to their audiences. Yet it’s also a trying time during which previously steadfast business models must adapt to changing market dynamics. In this Customer Strategist article, Fairfax Media CEO Grey Hywood comments on how these changes are aecting his business, and the steps Fairfax Media is taking to more eectively engage customers within the evolving Australian media market.

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Article: Why Attribution is Critical to an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Many businesses are still struggling to provide a seamless, omnichannel experience. And those that haven’t implemented an attribution model are already at a disadvantage. In this article, learn how adopting attribution modeling can help business leaders more clearly understand what’s working and which areas have weak spots.

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Article: Forget “Mobile-First.” Think “Customer-First.”

Mobile connectivity is changing the way companies engage with customers. As the importance of mobile continues to grow in every aspect of business, organisations must also continue to advance their mobile engagement eorts to meet their customers’ ever-changing expectations. In this article, discover insights into how mobile can serve as the conduit to creating a frictionless customer experience across a myriad of channels.

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e-Book: Blast Off to the Future of Customer Engagement

Research shows that 87 percent of customers think brands need to work harder to create a seamless customer experience. So, what can brands do when the old ways of doing business clearly aren’t enough to keep customers satised and spending? In this e-Book, learn how the latest customer engagement trends can help guide the future of contact centres, business operations, and the overall customer experience.

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