Asia-Pacific Case Studies



Our teams in Australia have a long history of helping clients with inbound and outbound customer care management. Below is a collection of case studies that highlight some of the best work being performed by our Australia teams..

Media Disruption Leads to Customer Satisfaction, Sales Improvement

Our client, a leading Australian media company, was facing pressure from digital disruption. We helped it map the current state of its operations, identify opportunities to consolidate customer information and data, and create a blueprint for a streamlined and integrated omnichannel business. The client has realised improved customer satisfaction and increases in sales and revenue.

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A Million New Customers, Billions in New Revenue

Our client, a large telecommunications company, was looking to build long-term relationships with its clients. We began by helping the client construct a “Super Site” contact centre, which built a new ecosystem focused on the end-to-end customer experience. We also worked closely with the client to ensure a consistent, branded experience across all digital channels. The result? $5 billion from new revenue and process improvements, campaign production time reduced by 85%, and one million new customers, with improved CSAT/NPS scores to boot.

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The Pathway to a World-Class Chat Program

Our client, a leading Australian operator, wanted to create the ultimate customer experience by leveraging chat to better engage customers online. We helped this digital adopter identify best practices in chat programs and design a world-class chat program to enhance sales, service, and improve the overall customer experience. In the end, our solution provided a roadmap of initiatives to migrate customers to live chat tools.

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$10 Million With Streamlined Debt Collection Strategy

When our client, a telecommunications giant, needed help measuring the eectiveness of its associates’ debt collection eorts, it turned to us for help. We were able to streamline our client’s collection strategy and provide associates with more information for helping customers develop a repayment plan. As a result, the percentage of repaid debt grew from 72.7% to 81.6%, and associates obtained nearly $10 million in repaid debt in one year.

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