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Enhance customer experience while reducing costs with our flexible cloud solutions

Whether it’s Cisco or Avaya, we have cloud solutions that can get your contact center realizing the benefits right away. Contact us for more information and see how far you will go when the sky’s the limit!



More Details about our Cloud Contact Centers

Customer Technology Services

With TeleTech’s customer experience technology solutions, companies can migrate to or keep existing Cisco® and Avaya® systems and integrate new technologies to create faster, smarter and more agile customer interactions, achieving nothing less than a complete customer experience transformation.

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Powered by Cisco®, eLoyalty’s cloud solutions deliver exceptional customer experience outcomes.

In addition to the most current version of Cisco’s powerful Unified Contact Center Enterprise software, our exclusive cloud contact center solutions employ eLoyalty’s differentiated features that enhance the capability and flexibility of the Cisco platform.

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Powered by Avaya®, TSG’s cloud solutions deliver exceptional customer experience outcomes.

TSG’s cloud solutions are a package of everything a company needs to operate a leadingedge contact center, with TSG Managed Services handling both the migration and the dayto- day support.

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Cloud Contact Center
Total Cost of Ownership

This white paper will provide readers with a detailed categorization of cloud versus premise-based contact center TCO, including hidden or obscure costs. Readers will discover the quantitative financial, functional, operational, and strategic considerations, the qualitative differences, the cost differences, and the impact on the customer experience when using cloud versus premise-based contact center platforms.

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Powered by Cisco®, eLoyalty’s cloud contact center solutions portfolio focuses on customer experience outcomes allowing its clients to deliver a transformational customer experience - all at a lower cost. eLoyalty has nearly 30 years of designing, managing and implementing complex contact center technologies and infrastructures, blending services with industry-leading software applications to deliver integrated best-in-class solutions. Visit eLoyalty's website >>

Leveraging Avaya® and Microsoft® solutions, TSG charts technology roadmaps for customer experience excellence. TSG offers a suite of technology services and solutions that eliminate friction from the customer experience and maximize value for the enterprise. TSG’s solutions reduce operating costs while integrating multiple channels (voice, chat, text, video, email, social media) to form a holistic experience that exceeds customer expectations. TSG deploys the best in technology, design and integration to make every interaction meaningful. Visit TSG's website >>